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Tygaの3rdアルバム「Hotel California」収録曲。
Chris Brownをフューチャー。



[Verse 1: Tyga]
They say what goes around comes around
And I know I made mistakes and you forgave me how
I don’t understand, you know I’m trying the best I can
I guess it’s consequences when you dealing with sin
And even scarificed your friends over me
All them nights in the club turn to nights with me
It’s like the same old story out your diary
Memories never fade but only in time we’ll see
Hope to see you with me cause…

My heart beats for you, girl you know are the one
Are you mad at me, girl I know I made mistakes, I know I fucked up
But my heart beats for you baby I’mma go and scream it loud
But if you leave it’s something I can’t control
So let’s do it one last time and fuck for the road

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Grabbing and biting, remember the times after fighting
You said you loved me, I liked it, became obsessed with the sexing
You screaming “who’s is it”, we naked
Now I’m pullin your hair told you take it
A couple of shots, now we faded
Don’t even know we made it, we home
Got that look in your eyes like hope you mine
Said you hoped the feeling’s real
Really tired of all the lies
One minute we fine, then we not
Everything I do you can’t but that’s no reason for making mistakes
This time put it all on the plate
I, I told you be loyal, spoil you, never disown you
You get lonely when I’m touring just hold it down be supportive
I’ll be back in the morning that new purse you wanted
What’s good if you can’t flaunt it (flaunt it), show it
Ain’t the same, better than the rest
And what’s real love if you ain’t got respect?
And there’s no way I can pay you back
But my plan is to make, make you understand
Make you understand that…


[Bridge: Chris Brown]
All I ever wanted was your happiness
But right now let’s get right down to it, lets handle this business
If you gonna leave me tonight, I gotta kiss it goodbye
Girl I’m bout to make it cry, and all I need is one more time cause my…

[Verse 3: Tyga]
Last time, best time, better than my next time
Rolex and vest time, Moët it’s sex time
Hard to let go, a part of you gon’ be alone
Scrolling your phone, looking at texts, seems like not too long ago
Ain’t the same better than the rest
And what’s real love if you ain’t got respect?
And it’s no way I can pay you back
But my plan is to make, make you understand
Make you understand that…


Hotel California / (収録アルバム)

1. 500 Degrees
2. Dope
3. Get Loose
4. Diss Song
5. Hit’em Up
6. Molly
7. For the Road
8. Show You
9. It Neva Rains
10. M.O.E.
11. Hijack
12. Get Rich
13. Enemies
14. Drive Fast, Live Young
15. Palm Trees
Artist Tyga(タイガ)
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