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Shalamar – Dead Giveaway

Shalamar – Dead Giveaway PV動画

Shalamar – Dead Giveaway 歌詞Lyrics

How long you gonna carry on
This one on one charade
Let’s don’t and then say we did
That’s the game you like to play.

We’ve been through this so many times
The end results always the same
I always end up complaining
When I’ve got myself to blame.

You’re just a dead giveaway
You’d think I’d learn to handle this by now
You’re just a dead giveaway.

Girl you can’t deny it
(Even though you try)
You keep trying to hide it
(Baby we know why).

I get a call about 2am
Saying you don’t want to be alone
Now I’m tired and half asleep
But emotions are just a little too strong.

I figure that I’d call your bluff
Cause you want me to come on by
Girl you know it’s your love I’ve always wanted
And this time I won’t be denied.

Cause you’re a dead giveaway
Girl you want me like I want you
A dead giveaway.

You’re scared but you won’t admit it
(Even though you try)
But tonight you’re committed
(Baby we know why).

Cause you’re just a dead giveaway.

You’re not that naive girl
(I’m finding out)
Is playing deciever
(What you’re all about).

Well now that you’re serious
It’s time to take off that disguise
You want more that mental stimulation
I can see it in your eyes.

For years I’ve been your analyst
I’ve been as patient as I’ve been kind
For years you’ve played off believing
That I loved you for only your mind.

Cause you’re a dead giveaway.

I can tell by the look in your eye
That you’re a dead giveaway.

I’m finding out
What you’re all about.

You’re just a dead giveaway.

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