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約3年振りの新作となる”IMPERIAL BLAZE”からの1STシングル。



I’ll be your sunshine
You can be mine
You’ll be my windshine
I got the rhime
We’ll have a good time
Make up your mind
Roll with me girl, you’re so fine…

Girl, just let me be there for you any time, you’re so fine
For you I’d tie the longest line, you’re so fine
My girl bruk out in whine
Mash up me brain, u a mash up man mind
Real bad man a dats wha dem like
I’ll be your sunshine [x2]

[Verse 1:]
This time, my girl if you jus call me
Anytime my love like start get corny
We keep it steam up a stormy
Me and you team up and build an army
Cah me love all di shape a ya body
And me kno seh u waan come party
If ya kno seh a u a me target
Girl I’ll be that doggy doggy
Sexy chick that a my periquisite
Hot girls gottas be my darlin’
Get with it, my beat u fi set with it
All girls gotta heed my callin’
From Kingston up to New Orlean
New Jersey rite back to Spalding
You fi know this boy ain’t stallin
We puttin’ all in


[Verse 2:]
Listen my voices and my vocal
Lack off ya phone, tell ya man don’t call
I’m gonna give you this love total
Medicaland it’s antidotal, oh yeah!
Cah we a di top pro ggal
International or local
Ya man don’t got it like me nt at all
Cah ya man don’t firm ya man don’t tall
‘I’m a bruk out di diamon n’ di opal
‘I’m a try love but now di love stall
Look like I’m don’t have no hope at all
‘I’m nah come good with di approach at all
Hang him up like picture inna photo hall
Every man gwan buy new photo col
S.P a di man you if call
I won’t fall




Imperial Blaze / (収録アルバム)

1. Intro
2. Lace It
3. So Fine
4. Now That I’ve Got Your Love
5. Birthday Suit
6. Press It Up
7. Evening Ride
8. Hold My Hand
9. She Want Me
10. Daddy’s Home
11. Bruk Out
12. Pepperpot
13. Wine Baby Wine
14. Running Out of Time
15. Don’t Tease Me
16. Lately
17. She Wanna Be Down
18. Straight from My Heart
19. Private Party
20. I Know U Like It
Artist Sean Paul(ショーン・ポール)
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