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Bow Wow\”The Price of Fame”に収録されているR Kellyとの”I’m A Flirt”がT.I.とT-PainをfeatしたリミックスヴァージョンとしてR Kelly名義でリリース。



[Chorus: R.Kelly]
I’m A, I’m A, I’m A, I’m A Flirt
Soon As I See Her Walk Up In The Club (I’m A Flirt)
Winkin Her Eyes At Me, When I Roll Up On Them Dubs (I’m A Flirt)
Sometimes When I’m With My Chick On The Low (I’m A Flirt)
And When She’s Wit Her Man Lookin At Me, Damn Right (I’m A Flirt)
So Homie Don’t Bring Your Girl To Meet Me Cuz (I’m A Flirt)
And Baby Don’t Bring Your Girlfriend To Eat Cuz (I’m A Flirt)
Please Believe It, Unless Your Game Is Tight And U Trust Her
Then Don’t Bring Her Around Me Cuz (I’m A Flirt)

[Verse 1: Kells]
Now Swear To Tell The Truth
And The Whole Truth
When It Comes To Hoes I Be Pimpin Like I Supposed To
Rollin LIke I Supposed To
Shinin Like I Supposed To
In The Club, Fuckin Wit Honeys Like I Supposed To
I Don’t Understand It When A Nigga Bring His Girlfriend To Club
Freakin All On The Floor Wit His Girlfriend In The Club
And Wonder Why All These Playas Tryin To Holla At Her
Just Soon As She Go To The Bathroom, Nigga I’m Goin Holla At Her
A Dog On The Prowl When I’m Walkin Through The Mall
If I Could Man I Probably Would Fuck Wit All Yall
Yeah, Yeah Homie U Say She Yo Girlfriend
But When I Step Up To Her I’m Be Like Cousin
Believe Me Man, This Is How Them Playas Do It In The Chi
And Plus We Got Them Playette Flirters In The Chi
Now The Moral Of The Story Is Cuff Yo Bitch
Cuz Hey I’m Black, Handsome, I Sing Plus I’m Rich And (I’m A Flirt)

[TIP Speaking:]
Hey Homie, If U Ain’t Gettin No Money
U Better Keep Her Away From Me Ya Dig.

[Verse 2: TIP]
Well If U Love Ya Girl
And Wanna Keep Ya GIrl
Don’t Be Walkin Up And Askin Me To Meet Ya Girl
Cuz I’m Well Enough A Flirt When I Speak To Girl
She Winked Her Eyes On The Slide
I Seent U Girl
Better Treat Your Girl Right
Cuz Another Man Will
Better Eat Ya Girl LIke Another Man Will
Cuz U Leave Your Wife
And I See Ya Wife
That Be For Real
How Long U Think That’s Finna Be Ya Wife
Well I’m Livin The Life
You Just Gettin It Right
Your Old Lady Look At Me
Cuz U Ain’t Hittin It Right
She Probably Used To Like U
Cuz U The ??? Type
That’s Until I Came Along
And Put Some Dick In Her Life
Wanna See ????
I Noticed She Was Checkin Me
And Diggin The Ice
And If I Get That Tonight
Better Hit That Twice
I Can Even Make Her Mine
If I HIt That Price
You Know Smack That Thang
Sit That Right
Upon That Dress
Yeah That’s Right
Pullin On Her Hair
Like We Gettin In A Fight
Yeah I Know It’s Kinda Tight
But It’ll ???? Just Right
So If Yo Girl Sexy
And She Test Me
Don’t Be Upset G
Cuz U Might Catch Me
Tryin To Catch A Glance Up Her Skirt
We Playing In My Vert ???
Then If I See Her And I Like Her Then I’m A Flirt

[Verse 3: T-Pain]
When I Pull Up To Club
All The Shawties Be Like (Damn 28’s)
Then I Be LIke Girl U Know Just Who I Am (Don’t Hate)
Say I Done Fell In Love Wit A Stripper Yall
All I Do Is Flirt With Her, And I Get Them Draws
And I Don’t Need No Help, I Got It Down Pact
Teddy Paine Was Born To Flirt Now U Can’t Down That
Now I’m Flirt With Her Whether I’m In Or Out Of Town
That’s Why They Call Me Teddy Bend Her Ass Down
????? What Is Yo Name
I’m Feelin Yo Vibe
And I’m Hopin U Feel The Same
I’m A Wink My Eye And Let U Know I Got The Game
When I Pass By I Know Exactly What U Say
He’s So Fly
And He’s So Coo
Hey Shawty(Hey Shawty)
What It Do
He Mad Cuz I’m Lookin But I Already Touched Her
I Got Yo Boyfriend Mad Cuz (I’m A Flirt)


[Verse 4: Kells]
It’s The Remix
Now If U Walk Up In The Club
Wit A Bad Chick
And She Lookin At Me
Then I’m Gon Hit
Man Jackin For Chicks
I Tried To Quit
But I’m Playa Homie
So I Had To Hit
While U Buyin Her Drinks (In The Club)
Actin Like U (In Love)
Stunnin Like U (All Thug)
We Was (Switch Em Up)
She Lookin At U When I Walk By
U Turn Yo Head, She Wink Her Eye
I Can’t Help If She Checkin For A Platinum Type Of Guy
She Be Callin Me Daddy, And I Be Callin Her Mommy
She Be Callin U Kelly, When Yo Name Is Tommy
I Don’t Know What Yall Be Thinkin
When U Bring Em Round Me
Let Me Remind U That I Am The King Of R&B
Do U Know What That Means
That Means If U Love Yo Chick
Don’t Bring Her To The VIP
Cuz I Might Leave Wit Yo Chick
Just Keepin It Real
It’s A Playa’s Feel
Don’t Take No Chick To The Club When U Just Met Her
Cuz I’m Flirt Wit Her (Right)
He Gon Flirt Wit Her (Right)
And If She Lickin Dat Good Shyt
She Gon Flirt Wit Em

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