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90’sダンスの名曲、Nightcrawlers”Push The Feeling On”をネタにした、Pitbullらしい最高のパーティーチューン!!



I want everybody to stop what they’re doing.
Now if you know you’re with somebody you’re gonna take the hotel room tonight, make some noise
Meet me at the hotel room [x4]

Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room,
You can bring your girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room. [x2]
We at the hotel, motel, holiday inn. [x4]

2 and the O, 1 in the eye, that kinky skull, you nasty
But I like your type and like T-ass, whatever you like.
Bring your girls, whatever the night, your man just left
I’m the plump of the night, let me check your pipes, oh
You’re the healthy type. Well, here goes some egg whites.
Now gimme that sweet, that nasty Gucci stuff
Let me tell you what we gon’ do. 2 + 2, I’m gonna undress you.

Then we’re gonna go 3 and 3 you gon’ undress me.
Then we’re gon’ go 4 and 4, we gon’ freak some more, but first!


After party in hotel lobby,
Then we off to the room like room
With the grills in yo mouth trippin up yo blouse,
And pull that g-sting down south uuu OK shawty
1’s company, 2’s a crowd, and 3’s a party.

A girl ain’t with it, I got somebody, in my nature she’s naughty.
Now gimme that sweet, that nasty Gucci stuff.
I’m a tell you what we gon’ do, 2 + 2, I’m gon’ undress you.
Then we gon’ go 3 and 3, you gon’ undress me.
Then we gonna go 4 and 4, we gon’ freak some more! But firstly


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Artist Pitbull(ピットブル)
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