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One pound for the house, that’s all we need baby
Just one for the house.. c’mon

Pimp juice – oooooooooh-ooooooooh-hoooooooo
I think I need to let it loose (might think I need to let it loose)
Let her loose, let her loooooose
She only want me for my pimp juice (that’s all she want me for f’real)
Not my pimp juice, I’m talkin new pimp juice
I think I need to cut her loose (it’s time for homegirl to recognize)
Yes I do, yes I doooooo-hoooo

I’m in that, seventy-four, Coupe DeVille
With the, power seats, leather, wood on my wheel
One-touch sunroof BUT leave it alone
Hoes see it can’t believe it – “It’s goin back on it’s own”
Oooooooooooooooh, shit, that’s how we do it baby
“Every day like this?” Seven dayy-ayyys
.. I tell you three-sixty-five
Winter spring and fall, in the summer we ride
You actin like you never seen it befo’
Like them country boys ain’t got no dough
Bitch please – GET OUT – but don’t you slam that do’
DUST YOUR SHOES OFF – befo’ you touch that flo’
Cause you wanna put your feet on my rug, don’tcha?
You really wanna put your feet on my rug, don’tcha?
You’re in a hurry – SLOW DOWN – and I might letcha touch it
You ain’t from Russia, so bitch why you rushin’?

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

Now I’m – clean as a whistle (yeah) sharp as a razor (uh-huh)
In anythang from Timberland to gators
Now listen – I play the haters (ooh) like they should be played
And uhh – I love the ladies (ooh) like they should get laid
That’s why I – I got my fade everybody had braids
And now they – switch to fades and I’m thinkin ’bout braids
Just an example of hoochieless jackin
If we were hoopin, I’d be yellin “They hackin”
I see you momma, in my Dolce Gabbana
Gucci and Prada baby I gotta lotta
The lucciana ain’t a problem for poppa
That’s all you want then baby girl I’ma holla
Cause you wanna put your feet on my rug, don’tcha?
You really wanna put your feet on my rug, don’tcha?
You’re in a hurry – SLOW DOWN – I don’t like how you actin
Treat you like you’re from Milwaukee, send you Green Bay Packin

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

(I think I just..
need to take this time and explain to ’em exactly..
what the pimp juice is)

Uh, hear me out now
Now your pimp juice is anything, attract the opposite sex
It could be money, fame, or straight intellect
It don’t MATTER! Bitches got the pimp juice too
Come to think about it – dirty, they got more than we do
They got mo’ – juice in they talk, got mo’ juice in they walk
They got mo’ – juice in they pants, OOH GOD DAMN!
I tell you man it’s a cryin shame..
.. how people use, the juice in vein – you hear me mayne
Pimp juice is color blind
You find it work on all color creeds and kinds
From ages 50 right down to 9
The Mayor of Nellyville and I won’t resign, watch me recline
Cause you wanna put your feet on my rug, don’tcha?
You really wanna put your feet on my rug, don’tcha?
You’re in a hurry – SLOW DOWN – bitch I got all night
Matter fact, stand on my left boo – I know you ain’t right

[Chorus w/ minor variations]

[ad libs to end]

Nellyville / (収録アルバム)

1. Nellyville
2. Gettin’ It Started
3. Hot In Herre
4. Dem Boyz
5. Oh Nelly
6. Pimp Juice
7. Air Force Ones
8. In The Store
9. On The Grind
10. Dilemma
11. Splurge
12. Work It
13. Roc The Mic (Remix) (Exclusive Nellyville Mix )
14. The Gank
15. 5000
16. #1
17. CG2
18. Say Now
19. F**k It Then
20. Stick Out Ya Wrist (UK Bonus Track)
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