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熱いファンク・ソウルとエロ度120%がたまらない超特大ブレイクしたヒット・シングル!!! プロデューサーのNEPTUNESの魅力がたっぷり詰まった NELLYの代表曲!!!



Hot in…..
So hot in herre…..
So hot in…..

I was like, good gracious ass bodacious
Flirtatcious, tryin to show patience
Lookin for the right time to shoot my steam (you know)
Lookin for the right time to flash them keys
Then um I’m leavin, please believin
Me and the rest of my heathens
Check it, got it locked at the top of the four seasons
Penthouse, roof top, birds I feedin
No deceivin, nothin up my sleeve, no teasin
I need you to get up up on the dance floor
Give that man what he askin for
Cuz I feel like bustin loose and I feel like touchin you
And cant nobody stop the juice so baby tell me whats the use

[Hook x2]
(I said)
Its gettin hot in here (so hot)
So take off all your clothes

I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes off

Why you at the bar if you aint poppin the bottles
What good is all the fame if you aint fuckin the models
I see you drivin, sportscar, aint hittin the throttle
And I be down, and do a hundred, top down and goggles
Get off the freeway, exit 106 and parked it
Ash tray, flip gate, time to spark it
Gucci collar for dollar, got out and walked it
I spit game cuz baby I cant talk it
Warm, sweatin its hot up in this joint
VOKAL tanktop, all on at this point
Your with a winner so baby you cant loose
I got secrets cant leave Cancun
So take it off like your home alone
You know dance in front your mirror while your on the phone
Checkin your reflection and tellin your best friend,
like “girl I think my butt gettin big”

[Hook x2]

(Nelly hang all out)
Mix a little bit a ah, ah
With a little bit a ah, ah
(Nelly just fall out)
Give a little bit a ah, ah
With a little bit a ah, ah
(Nelly hang all out)
With a little bit a ah, ah
And a sprinkle a that ah, ah
(Nelly just fall out)
I like it when ya ah, ah
Girl, Baby make it ah, ah

Stop placin, time wastin
I gotta a friend with a pole in the basement (What?)
I’m just kiddin like Jason (Oh)
Unless you gon’ do it
Extra, extra eh, spread the news
Nelly took a trip from the Luna to Neptunes
Came back with somethin thicker than fittin in sasoons
Say she like to think about cuttin in restrooms

[Hook x4]

(Nelly hang all out)
Mix a little bit of ah, ah
With a little bit of ah, ah
(Nelly just fall out)
Give a little bit of ah, ah
With a little bit of ah, ah
(Nelly hang all out)
With a little bit of ah, ah
And a sprinkle of that ah, ah
(Nelly just fall out)
I like it when ya ah, ah
Girl, Baby make it ah, ah

Nellyville / (収録アルバム)

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3. Hot In Herre
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20. Stick Out Ya Wrist (UK Bonus Track)
Artist Nelly(ネリー)
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