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Mary J. Bligeの3rdアルバム「Share My World」収録曲。



[Verse 1:]
While all the time that I was loving you
You were busy loving yourself
I would stop breathing if you told me to
Now you’re busy loving someone else
Eleven years out of my life
Besides the kids I have nothing to show
Wasted my years a fool of a wife
I shoulda have left your ass long time ago

Well I’m not gon cry,
I’m not gon cry,
I’m not gon shed no tears
No, I’m not gon cry,
it’s not the time
cuz you’re not worth my tears
Well I’m not gon cry,
I’m not gon cry,
I’m not gon shed no tears
No, I’m not gon cry,
it’s not the time,
cuz you’re not worth my tears

[Verse 2:]
I was your lover and your secretary
Working every day of the week
Was at the job when no one else was there
Helping you get on your feet
Eleven years of sacrifice
And you can leave me at the drop of a dime
Swallowed my fears, stood by your side
I shoulda left your ass a thousand times


I know there are no guarantees
In love you take your chances
But somehow it seems unfair to me
Look at the circumstances
Through sickness and health ’till death do us part
Those were the words that we said from our hearts
So now when you say that you’re leaving me
I don’t get that part

[Repeat Verse 2]


Share My World / (収録アルバム)

1. Intro
2. I Can Love You
3. Love Is All We Need
4. Round And Round
5. Share My World (Interlude)
6. Share My World
7. Seven Days
8. It’s On
9. Thank You Lord (Interlude)
10. Missing You
11. Everything
12. Keep Your Head
13. Can’t Get You Off My Mind
14. Get To Know You Better
15. Searching
16. Our Love
17. Not Gon’ Cry
Artist Mary J. Blige(メアリー・J. ブライジ)
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