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リル・ウェインの4枚目のアルバム「Tha Carter」収録曲。



[Mannie Fresh]
Ladies and gentlemen,
People with jobs,
People without jobs,
Middle class,
Upper class,
High class, all that,
Cats, snakes, chickens, ducks,
Elderly people and twerkers

Put your hands on your knees and bend your rump,
Put your back in,
Back out
Do the hump.
Put your hands on your knees
And bend your rump,
Put your back in,
Back out do the hump,

[Lil Wayne]
Well, I’m fly as son of a gun a son
Of a Stunner (yep)
High as a 757 going to heaven (no)
Weezy F the reverend preach about me I’m the god 1-7 apple and E
I’m the Cash Money Makaveli
You all ain’t ready, break fast like Tom Petty,
You all just petty
’82 I was born ready,
I’m too ready,
You all Betty Crocker balla blockers, I’m too heavy
Meatball Lamborghini,
Top spaghetti,
Seats Ragu,
Uh 20 inch shoes,
Oh me and you got plenty to do,
I don’t need no pool I’m swimming in you,
And I sleep with the sharks,
Shorty on the water water,
And I be ma 840 mama,
Shake something for me,
And it don’t make sense if it don’t make that money,
I’m gonna take that money,…

[Pre-chorus (Mannie Fresh)]

[Chorus (Lil Wayne):]
I bring it back to the bottom of the map (Ooowee)
I bring it back to the bottom of the map (Ooowee)
I bring it back to the bottom of the map (Ooowee)
I bring it back to the bottom of the

[Lil Wayne]
I take off my brim,
Moment of silence of my homeboy Souljah Slim (yeah)
Fronting round here will get your back dropped off,
We do our own thing
We don’t act like you all
I say black white walls with the back wiped off
Ah, you all little busters just a tax write off
I’m a stand up guy, not the type that
We don’t breed them kind, but they bleed just fine
Yup, Weezy the one only read between the line,
If you can’t, boy, read ma nine,
I’m going hard in the paint like Diesel time,
Either I’m the illest cat doin’ it or these cats is losing it
I be Eazy, fall back and be cool with it,
Paul Barrer is moving it,
Dead float I’m through with it
I’m the SHH,
Na, na, I’m sewerage
Weezy F, baby, I do dis here!

[Pre-chorus (Mannie Fresh)]

[Chorus (Lil Wayne)]

[Lil Wayne]
I’m old school gangster,
I act like 80,
I look like Cita but act like Baby
You play with me I’ll react like the Navy,
Nah, better yet the ARMY, you all gonna need them for me
And your head is a beepin’ target,
You don’t want me to see you with my peekin’ tourmis,
Wizzle Fizzle, I keep in New Orleans,
Sleeping with women that sleep with the Hornets
Country boy there’s something foreign,
about a hundred thousand
More than what your in
You’re not about it,
You freeze up like Popsicles,
Pop up on bicycles,
Pop you all like spot pimples (yup) Wizzle Fizzle
Original hot bizzle,
Still Lil’ Wanye but the dividends not little,
Yeah, don’t be surprised how the chrome feel,
Uhh get down, uhh get down,
Man I’m getting frustrated

[Pre-chorus (Mannie Fresh)]

[Chorus (Lil Wayne)]

[Lil Wayne talking]
Uhh, the best rapper alive,
Since the best rapper retired,
(uhh yeah yeah yeah)
The best rapper alive,
Since the best rapper retired,

Tha Carter / (収録アルバム)

1. Walk In
2. Go DJ
3. This Is The Carter
4. BM J.R.
5. On The Block #1
6. I Miss My Dawgs
7. We Don’t
8. On My Own
9. Tha Heat
10. Cash Money Millionaires
11. Inside
12. Bring It Back
13. Who Wanna
14. On The Block #2
15. Get Down
16. Snitch
17. Hoes
18. Only Way
19. Earthquake
20. Ain’t That A Bi**h
21. Walk Out
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