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Lil Mo(リル・モー) 2001年、ファボラス(Fabolous)をフィーチャーした”Superwoman”

Lil’ Mo – Superwoman PV動画

Lil’ Mo – Superwoman 歌詞Lyrics

i guess i aint got no reason to mingle round
i found a superwomen that can leap from a truck in a single bound
mommy, i’m tryin to bling u down
so niggas without shades on cant stare when i bring u round
she put her lips on the ______ and pull it
then work her tounge to make me cum faster then a speedin bullet
her love is stonger then a locomotive but only for the F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S
sing to me ma

Baby they cant play u
cuz i’ll save u
with my super powers
boy i’m only human
but ill be ur superwomen

they dont make any girls like me
no, no
take a girl like me to get a
guy like you to understand no girls aint the same
im not ur average chick
cuz they cant do it like this
i’ve been sent to save your day
and things wont b the same

~Repeat Chorus~

Boy i told u once b4 u aint gatta look up in the sky
cuz the girl u need is right b4 ur eyes
yes im sick of all these broads
aint got nothin to stand 4
cuz with me u wont fall off no baby

~Repeat Chorus~

i love u in a special way
they cant stay…. they cant stay
and now that im here im here im here

this superwomen might have saved my day
them co’s i put and gave some play
naw i wouldnt even wave that way
i understand y them ugly chicks behave that way
they see the icy “S” on ur chest engraved in gray
be whiped i might cuz usually my tips be tight
the only green i keep from you is kryptonite
the way the blowwin red suit fits ur hips so right
i’d be like da-da-da da-da-da-da-damn

its like under ur spell
if feelin u is a crime
they ganna have to put me under the jail
u probably hear the details that i be in everything
from lairs to CL’s with my share of females
but u know i care 4 u (care 4 me)
and anytime this nigga is there 4 u (there 4 me)
these feelings i only share 4 u
this makes it a lil more clear 4 u

~Repeat Chorus~ till end

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