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Nelly Furtado、Justin TimberlakeらのTimbaland作品やBlack Eyed Peas、LL Cool Jらの大物曲でギターを担当していたミュージシャン、Kevin RudolfがCash Moneyからシンガー・デビュー!!

Kevin Rudolf Ft Lil Wayne – Let It Rock PV動画

Kevin Rudolf Ft Lil Wayne – Let It Rock 歌詞Lyrics

Verse 1 (kevin rudolf):
I see your dirty face
High behind your collar.
What is done in vain,
Truth is hard to swallow.
So you pray to god
To justify the way
You live a lie, live a lie, live a lie.

Pre-chorus 1 (kevin rudolf):
And you take your time.
And you do your crime.
Well you made your bed.
I’m in mine.

Chorus (kevin rudolf):
Because when i arrive,
I-i bring the fire.
Make you come alive,
I can take you higher.
What this is?
I must now remind you.
Let it rock,
Let it rock,
Let it rock.

Verse 2 (kevin rudolf):
Now the son’s disgraced,
He who knew his father.
When he cursed his name,
Turned and chased the dollar.
But it broke his heart
So he stuck his middle finger
To the world, to the world, to the world.

Pre-chorus 2 (kevin rudolf):
And you take your time.
And you stand in line
Where you’ll get what’s yours,
I got mine.

Chorus (1x)

Verse 3 (lil’ wayne):
Wayne’s world.
Planet rock.
Panties drop,
And the tops.
And she gon’ rock ’til the camera stop.
I sing about angels like angela.
And pamela.
And samantha.
And amanda.
And tamara.
Ménage à mwa, oh.
In here like, “bitch, what’s up?”
Me-chanic me, i can fix ya up.
I can dick ya up,
I can dick ya down.
Shorty we can go where ever,
Just pick a town.
And my jewelry is louder than the engine sound.
Big xxx rocks like on the ground,
Dirty like sex that’s on the ground.

Chorus (2x)

Post-chorus (kevin rudolf):
Just let it rock (rock, rock)
Let it rock.
Let it rock

Verse 4 (lil’ wayne):
I’m back like i forgot somethin’,
I’m somethin’.
Roll and rock rubbin’ rap, runnin’
Miles like just tryin’ to get a flat stomach.
Like wayne a personal trainer.
My aim is perfect, i bang ya,
Period, like the remainder.

Outro (kevin rudolf):
I wish i could be as cool as you.
And i wish i could say the things you do.
But i can’t and i won’t live a lie.
No, not this time.

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