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K.P. & Envyi – Swing My Way

K.P. & Envyi – Swing My Way PV動画

K.P. & Envyi – Swing My Way 歌詞Lyrics

Verse 1
Step off in da club
on a friday night
lookin’ fo a man
dat’ll do me right
1st move dat I make was
on the dance flo
broke it one time
then i went fo mo
here’s da code
action whats happenin now
start scoutin blendin throu the crowd
looked ova to my left
and told my gurl hey
if i see him again I’mma have to say

Chorus (2x’s)
shorty swing my way
sho look good to me
now would you please
swing my way
shorty swing my way
(swing it ova here shorty)
Up tempo 2nd Chorus

Verse 2
I got off da flo
trynna find dis man
lookin all around
doin all i can
danm he sho look fyne
by the end of the night
he’s go be mine
I thought to myself
he couldn’t gone far
then i saw him again standin by da bar
so far evrything is gon’ my way
Now lata find him I’mma have to say

Chorus (2x’s)

Verse 3
Gotta get up da nerves
to get my swerve on
gotta do it fast or
he’ll be gon
cause it’ll be … just my luck
dat somebdy else will scoop him up
can’t have dat
wanna be dat gurl dat
find herself a perfect match
didn’t wanna come off bein to fly
gotta contact eye to eye

Slow Tempo:
Then I walked ova to him slowly
said I know u don’t know me
but this might be my only
shot at a tenderoni

Up tempo:
He told me
dat we can do this
cause a gurl like u
i can’t resist
got str8 to da point
no time to play
didn’t need no game
jus had to say

Chorus (2x’s)

I’ve been watchin’ u
from across da room
i wanna know yo name
can u swing my way
swing my way
swing my way………..

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