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ロングヒット中の「FRONTIN’」に次ぐ、JAY-Zと PHARRELLの共演作!!この注目のシングルは、DR.DRE にKAYNE WEST、TIMBALAND等々、JAY-Zがお気に入りのプロデューサーばかり集めた6thアルバム(引退?)「BLACK ALBUM」からの第1弾!



(feat. Pharrell)

Wooo! Uh, uh, bounce is back
Uhh, uh-uh uh uh, geyeah, uh, your boy is back
(Sexy, sexy) I know y’all missed the bounce
You need to bounce for the sexy, y’know?
Hah, haha, uh, let’s get it in
Yeah ma

[Verse One]
Your dude is back, the Maybach Coupe is back
Tell the whole world the truth is back
You ain’t gotta argue about who can rap
Cause the proof is back, just go through my raps
New York, New York! Yeah, where my troopers at?
Where my hustlers, where my boosters at?
I don’t care what you do for stacks
I know the world glued your back to the wall
You gotta brawl, do that
I been through that, been shot at, shoot back
Gotta keep a peace/piece like a Buddhist
I ain’t a +New Jack+, nobody gon’ Wesley Snipe me
It’s less than likely, move back
Let I breathe, Jedi Knight
The more space I get the better I write, ohh
Whenever I write, but, if, ever I write
I need the space to say whatever I like, now I just

[Chorus: Jay-Z] + (Pharrell)
(change clothes, and go)
You know I stay, fresh to death, a boy from the projects
And I’ma take you to the top of the globe, so let’s go
(So let’s exchange no, airs and go) Uh-huh, yeah
{And girl I promise you, no substitutions} Just me

[Verse Two]
And I ain’t gon’ tell you again, let’s get ghost in the phantom
You can bring your friend, we can make this a tandem
Or you can come by yourself if you can stand him
Best believe, I sweat out weaves
Give +Afro Puffs+ like R.A.G.E.
Haul-U get a view could move it
Back it on up like a U-Haul truck
Then run and tell them ducks you heard Hovi new shit
He and the boy Phar-real make beautiful music
He is to the East coast what Snoop is
To the West, what ‘Face is to Houston
Young Hov’ in the house is so necessary
No bra with that blouse, that’s so necessary
No panties and jeans, that’s so necessary
Now why you frontin on me, is that necessary?
Do I, to you, look like a lame
Who don’t understand a broad with a mean shoot game
Who’s up on dot dot dot and Vera Wang
Ma are you insane? Let’s just
(What you want me to do?)


[Pharrell] + (Jay-Z)
Ha ha! Sexy sexy, ha ha! Sexy sexy
(It’s so necessary ma)
Ha ha! Sexy sexy (woo, that’s right, it’s a groove)
Ha ha! Sexy sexy (uh, uh, it’s a groove, uh, bring it back)

[Verse Three]
Young Hov’ in the house is so necessary
No bra with that blouse, that’s so necessary
No panties and jeans, that’s so necessary
Why you frontin on me?
Let’s go to my hotel, cause this don’t go well
with those S. Dots, gotta stay fresh ma
Ma, I don’t shout with the rest pa
Hoe no ma, please respecy my
Jiggyness is probably purple label
Or that BBC shit or it’s probably tailored
And y’all niggaz actin way too tough
Throw on a suit, get it tapered up, and let’s just


[Pharrell] + (Jay-Z)
Ha ha! Sexy sexy (uh, uh, WOO, sing along)
Ha ha! Sexy sexy (yeah, uh.. turn your radio up)
Ha ha! Sexy sexy (woo, put your hands in the air if you in the club)
Ha ha! Sexy sexy (snap your fingers now)
Ha ha!
(your boy is back, uh-huh)
(the bounce is back, uh, uh woo!)
(uh, Young is back, hahahaha – PEACE!!!)

Black Album / (収録アルバム)

1. Interlude
2. December 4th
3. What More Can I Say
4. Encore
5. Change Clothes
6. Dirt Off Your Shoulder
7. Threat
8. Moment Of Clarity
9. 99 Problems
10. Public Service Announcement (Interlude)
11. Justify My Thug
12. Lucifer
13. Allure
14. My 1st Song
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