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Jason Mraz(ジェイソンムラーズ)のメジャーデビューアルバム、”Waiting For My Rocket To Come”収録曲。



The lyrics to this song have been taken down because of copyright. You can use the Google search engine to find it. I have collected some information you may be interested in about this song. Enjoy!!!
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“You and I Both” is a song by Jason Mraz released as the third and final single from his debut album Waiting for My Rocket to Come.

Music video

The video begins with Mraz in a bank, waiting in line to deposit the coins in his piggy bank. He sees the teller (Lizzy Caplan of CBS’s The Class, Mean Girls, and Cloverfield) and instantly falls in love with her. He tries several times to get her as his teller and fails miserably on all counts, first spilling the coins from his piggy bank, then cutting in line only to have her close her window just as he gets to it. After multiple attempts, Mraz finally manages to reach the teller and passes a note reading, “Give me what I want ♥”

The bank’s manager walks over and, thinking the note signals an attempted robbery, pushes the alarm button. Security lights flash and papers begin to fly around the bank, while the customers and staff begin to dance. The police arrive and they too join the dance before escorting Mraz out in handcuffs, slamming him against the hood of the police car. The teller comes running out of the bank and watches him being taken away.

Now sharing a jail cell, a bereft Mraz doodles on the walls and pines away the hours. Ultimately, he returns to the bank to find the teller. He looks in the window and doesn’t see her, but turns around to find she has pulled up in a car behind him. He gets in and they drive away together, and the video ends with heart frame around the car as it drives away, the words “The End” flashing across the screen.

Waiting for My Rocket to Come / (収録アルバム)

1. You And I Both
2. I’ll Do Anything
3. The Remedy [I Won’t Worry]
4. Who Needs Shelter
5. Curbside Prophet
6. Sleep All Day
7. Too Much Food
8. Absolutely Zero
9. “On Love, In Sadness”
10. No Stopping Us
11. The Boy’s Gone
12. “Tonight, Not Again”
Artist Jason Mraz(ジェイソン・ムラーズ)
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