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LIL JON主宰のBMG RECORDINGのクランク界の新星、男女2×2の若者で構成されたティーンクランク集団Crime Mob。そのセカンドアルバム!!! 先行シングル「KNUCK IF YOU BACK」「ROCK YO HIPS」も話題騒然の台風の目!

Crime Mob – Rock Yo Hips PV動画

Crime Mob – Rock Yo Hips 歌詞Lyrics

(feat. Lil Scrappy)

Lil J on the track

You already know
It’s ya boy lil’ scrappy

I like it when she
Rock her hips then wave and sip
She rock her hips then wave and sip
She rock her hips
She rock her hips
She rock her hips then
Wave and sip

Look at them hips, I like how she rock it
She bend that thing ova and to the ground
She be dropping and popping hard as she can,
Got me hard in the pants
Because she all in her stance,
Doing her motherfucking dance man
Look, lil’ buddy cute in the face
She rock her hips to the bass
She take a sip when she wave
And wanna get wit Lil’J
After she dance on that pole
I pull my can so quick and fast
When that ass hit the floor

Now I got 32 flavors of that bootylious bubblegum
Raspberry, grape, cherry,
Come and get this honey bun
Yummy-yum baby, not your ordinary lady
Known to drive a nigga crazy
Willy Wonka wanna pay me
On the daily
Off the hizzle
rock my hips
Shake my skittle
Soda popping, watch it sizzle
Man this shit right here the shizzle
Smoking on the hottest drizzle
Wanna taste it just a little
Rock my hips and make it wiggle
Wave and sipping in this bizzle

[Chorus 2x]

I like it when she show me she can
Rock it, roll it, drop it to the floor
Bouncing slow
Shorty’s all pro
That’s the way to go
Jello booty ooo-wee
Got a nigga glacin’ every time that – react
“I thought I saw a putty cat”
Gimme, gimme, gimme that
Fat cat, don’t act on a pimp
You got me enticed by the way you rock them hips
You’s a trip, girl, doing all them tricks
That’s what’s up
I like that shit a lot, come holla at a thug

A-towns finest I’m the top notch glamour chick
Tell me if I throw it at you baby
Can you handle it
‘Cause the cause is Russian
If a hater wanna run they lip
Step up in the club and have them whispering
God-damn she thick
Take it to the bar
Hypnotic, and Hennessey is on my list
Seductively, moving my body
Now watch me rock my hips
Take a sip of that goose
I’m looking good and living lavish
Big boy pimping, popping, dipping
Now tell me I’m not the baddest

I walk in the club and she wobbling and shaking
I wanna take to the house
So a player start breaking in
Her motherfucking back like a player suppose
Goddamn lil’ buddy touch your toes
Goddamn lil’ buddy, take off your clothes
And let me see that apple bottom
And that brown booty

Shorty slide up and down on that pole,
V.I.P. that’s how it motherfucking goes

[Chorus 2x]

She rock her hips
She rock her hips
I like that way
She rock her hips
She rock her hips
I like the way
She rock her hips

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