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“Hey”、”The Otherside”も好調なBUBBA SPARAXXX,数々のミックス作品を賑わしているYING YANG TWINZをゲストに迎えたアッパ−・ナンバ−”MS.NEW BOOTY”

Bubba Sparxxx – Ms. New Booty PV動画

Bubba Sparxxx – Ms. New Booty 歌詞Lyrics

(feat. Ying Yang Twins)

[Intro: Collipark, Bubba Sparxxx]

[Ying Yang Twins]
Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere [3x]
Rockin’ everywhere [2x]
[Bubba Sparxxx]
I found you MS NEW BOOTY
Get it together and bring it back to me
Hit the players club for about month or two
Put his hand on it then see what he do [2x]

Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

[1st verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]
Girl I don’t need you, but you need me
Take it off, let if flop, shake it freely
And I don’t tell stories, I let ’em tell theyself
And you ain’t gotta sell sex, girl, it sells itself, like nothing else
Yeah I’m a country boy, but that big city bottom fill me up with joy
Ain’t life grand (life’s grand) living up daddy
Here go the whisper song, baby this is us ready?
Put it on me enthusiastically, whatever it is that you do, you do it admirably
And I ain’t choose it, that thing chose me
It’s Bubba and Ying Yang, all the way in this thing


Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

[2nd Verse]
Quarter to twelve and we just getting in
Bubba’s gonna make you spark with the Ying Yang Twins
Sipping on Patron, blong blong blong
Shawdy in a thong, whom whom whom
Get that thing shaking, like she frost bit shivering
Ass be delivering, all type of flashes, cashes
Got these hoes shaking that molasses
Let me whisper in your ear
Get your self together go and buy some new gear
Do something with your hair den
Hit the club, shake your ass and the brother’s gonna show some love
Do that move you did just a minute ago
I guarantee you’ll make all the dough
So gonna do you thing baby, work what you got, to get what you want
Make that money, don’t let it make you


[3rd Verse (Bubba Sparxxx)]
hi there, how are things?
I once was breast man now it seems
Ever since I had the pleasure
of getting you together, your chest is just whatever
I found the buried treasured
Yes madam, here’s the plan
Meet me over yonder OK – don’t play
I’ll bring the whip whoop, you bring your cook book
And I’m gonna fix that stuff up, everything is good good


Get it ripe, get it right, get it tight [4x]

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