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B.o.Bのデビューアルバム「B.O.B Presents: the Adventures of Bobby」収録曲。



[Chorus: B.o.B]
Put me on anything still I bet I bust
Put me anywhere on the map I bet I bust
This is what I does so, please don’t gas me up
Matter of fact, gimme 15 minutes and a bag of bud
I bet I bust
I bet I bust (I, I)
I bet I bust
I bet I, I bet I, (bust)
I bet I bust
I bet I bust (I, I)
Matter of fact, gimme 15 minutes and a bag of bud I bet I bust

Bust, bust, bu-bu-bust
Yeah, on bud, bet I bust
That’s just what I does, yes
Put me anywhere on the map with a backpack strapped
Still I bet I bust
Bet I flow
Bet I rip this beat
Bet I feel that soul
Bet I go
Bet I bench these n-ggas like Ray, sit down bro!
Bet I know, everything about this game
Bet I know my role
Plus they know when I come to the court this is my sport
B dot o, B
So, bet I go
Bet I’m on a brand new plane
Bet I’m in a whole different zone
I ain’t really from this place
So [? ]
Really I’m in outterspace
Really I ain’t got no home
Really I’m a saint
Bet I’m blown,
Bet I’m thrown, up to the sky
Over the ocean
So I fly wherever I’m goin
When I’m by, bet I’m focused
If it’s five, you can bet I roll it
Matter of fact, you can bet I bust

[Chorus: B.o.B]

Drive a brown parkin center
The king from the emma[? ]
The room with the boom in the booth, I deliver
The hottest, you prolly too small to acknowledge you
Impossible to copy like what everybody try to do
We cool as some dudes on them waves out in Malibu
I’m ballin hard baseline, fall through the alley-oop
Comin through this thang like James in the air off the bare of my hand

N-gga jus can’t. pretend you forgot my name if you wanna
I’m a come hard like a bar?
Make a n-gga wanna rebound, turnt up, all the way, hey [? ]
2 or 3 tramp
Put em in the [? ] bentley
N-gga say he do it like us, he should mean 96, 97
[? ] have more blocks than [? ]
For those who can’t hold water need a new kidney
Put it down under Australia, Sidney (bye)
And I’m still representing,
For the n-ggas under prison
You are tuned in, listenin
And I’m back to doing big things
A sucka lookin for me, start in yo bitch'(s) dreams
That’s why I’m 20 feet tall standing on the big screen
Get dough, get green, my flow sickening,
It’s the King n-gga!

[Chorus: B.o.B]

[Playboy Tre:]
Yeah, back with a cup of that liquor, n-gga
Ya’ll don’t really know Tre,
Really know me,
Really know the streets, no!
Ya’ll n-ggas really ain’t G,
Really ain’t hard,
Never really served no heart,
Ya’ll be playin that roll
Talkin that pimp sh-t,
Never really pimp sh-t, nah
Ya’ll be singin them hoes
But I don’t, and I won’t
I’ll get a bitch anytime I want
I’m that guy, spit that fire
Shake the ground everytime I stomp
Bit? in the trunk, cup in the air
You can talk sh-t but I really don’t care
Man I’m in the cadillac goin direct
Gonna clack that back? cause a n-gga ain’t scared
I’m that red clay, East of the A?
Ya n-ggas get locked up everyday
Cops ain’t sh-t so I drop that sh-t
[? ] make it through the day
Grindin for my pay
It’s that n-gga Tre
Bustin like a pistol best believe it when I say
That I bust!

[Chorus: B.o.B]

B.O.B Presents: the Adventures of Bobby / (収録アルバム)

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3. Past My Shades
4. Airplanes
5. Bet I
6. Ghost In The Machine
7. The Kids
8. Magic
9. Fame
10. Lovelier Than You
11. 5th Dimension
12. Airplanes, Part II
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