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50 Centの4枚目のアルバム「Before I Self Destruct」の2ndシングル。



[Verse 1:]
You think about money when you think about me huh,
That’s why my ex’s my ex you don’t want to be her,
She used to have the beemer, now she own a sneaker,
I had her eating lobster now she eating pizza,
I think about easter when I think about Keyshia,
Shorty stay fly that’s why I keep her,
Round like the reefer, brown Mona Lisa,
She good if I leave her she got her own visa,
Think about them when you about frontin
Think about stuntin when you think about me,
I’m the boss bentley or the porsche,
Overseas jet skis slide across,
I love the way you dress,
Now take it off,
Put your legs high on my shoulders across,
I’m racing through your mind but you already lost,
I’m at the finish line and your the friend of mine,
Come on let’s ride

Just a lil bit
Every now and then
God damn girl we used to be friends
Just a lil bit
Just a lil bit
Just a lil bit

[Verse 2:]
I think like a hustler,
I’m thinking bout a shipment,
She thinking I’m her hustle,
So she thinking bout commitment,
It’s like paul Mc Cartney stuck in my head,
Fell in love with a bitch walked away with one leg,
She ain’t even have to run to get away with the bread,
That’s some fucked up shit
Think about that kid,
I’m thinking what this bitch thinking when she take me to court,
I pay my child support, what the fuck she want,
This relationship, shit it’s too much for me,
I wanna fuck, be friends, and live comfortably
She wanna shine and blow minds on shopping sprees,
She should have what she wants just not for me,
I’m thinking bout my future she part of my past,
She don’t care bout me she just want some cash,
I’m thinking damn girl, we used to be friends,
How did shit become all about m’s

Just a lil bit
Every now and then
God damn girl we used to be friends
Just a lil bit
Just a lil bit
Just a lil bit

Do you think about me,
I know you think about me,
Just a lil bit
Just a lil bit
Just a lil bit

I know you think about me,
You were so special to me
Do you think about me

Before I Self Destruct / (収録アルバム)

1. The invitation
2. Then days went by
3. Death to my enemies
4. So disrespectful
5. Psycho Feat Eminem
6. Hold me down
7. Crime wave
8. Stretch
9. Strong enough
10. Get it hot
11. Gangsta’s delight
12. I got swag feat Ne-Yo
13. Baby by me
14. Do you think about me
15. OK, you’re right
16. Could’ve been you feat R.Kelly
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